What is TouchLink technology? How to configure it?

07/25/2022 3341

1.What is TouchLink?

TouchLink technology is a password-free and secure wifi connection technology independently developed by WAVLINK.

Just touch the device’s TouchLink sensing area for a few seconds, when the device’s LED light flashes, you can connect your phone, tablet and laptop to a network SSID with a “Touch” suffix within 2 minutes, no need to enter a password to connect to the network.

This technology has been applied to many products of WAVLINK, which greatly facilitates users to share WiFi with their friends and guests without password, and at the same time ensures the safety of network use.

Compared with WPS, which also simplifies the user’s Wi-Fi encrypted connection and the pairing process of new devices added to the existing network, TouchLink technology is easier and faster to add new devices to the network.

2.How to configure the settings of TouchLink?

If you need to change the settings of TouchLink, you should firstly log into or wifi.wavlink.com, then select “Advanced” -> “Guest WI-FI”, select TouchLink Mode (default) in Guest Wi-Fi Mode and set touching time in Duration (30s, 120s, 240s), and the default is 120s.

Finally set Use Time according to your needs, and click Save to validate the settings.

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