The Differences Among SD 2.0, 3.0, 4.0

08/17/2022 1302

With the SD Association constantly introducing new specifications and standards, the performance of SD cards has improved dramatically, making it keep up with or even exceed the host development in terms of speed and capacity.

As shown in the table below:

SD 2.0 SD 3.0 SD 4.0
Capacity Class SDHC (SD High Capacity) SDXC (SD Extended Capacity) SDXC (SD Extended Capacity)
Capacity Range 2GB to 32GB 32GB to 2TB 32GB to 2TB
Disk Format FAT 32 exFAT (FAT 64) exFAT (FAT 64)
Speed Class Class 2/4/6/10 UHS - I (Ultra High Speed) UHS - II
Read&Write Speed Write up to 10MB/s
Read up to 25MB/s
Write up to 50MB/s
Read up to 104MB/s
Write up to 156MB/s
Read up to 312MB/s
Scope of Application Class 10: Full HD TV recording and playback UHS-I: Professional full HD TV live recording UHS-II:Professional 4k ultra HD video recording

Most of our products use SD 3.0 and SD 4.0 specifications according to actual usage scenarios.

WL-UMD01: Integrated SD V3.0 card reader with SD/Micro SD slot; supports UHS-I; the theoretical bus speed can reach 104MB/s.

WL-UG69PD8 Pro: Integrated SD V4.0 card reader with SD/Micro SD slot; supports UHS-II; theoretical bus speed up to 312MB/s.

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