Methods for expanding the reach of Wi-Fi network

how to extend wifi range

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how to extend wifi range

When you want to use wireless internet in a larger area at home or in the office, how to extend WiFi coverage is an important issue. There are several ways to help you achieve this goal, and here are some methods:

  • Update your router: If your router is old, it may cause performance degradation and weak signals. Updating your router to the latest model can improve performance and provide better signal coverage.

  • Change the placement of your router: Placing your router in the center of the room or in the nearest location to most of the devices that need to be connected can improve signal coverage and reduce interference.

  • Stay away from sources of interference: Devices such as microwaves, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, and other electronic equipment can interfere with WiFi signals. Keeping your router as far away from these sources of interference as possible can improve the quality of your WiFi signal.

  • Use a WiFi signal booster: A WiFi signal booster receives the signal from your main router and then retransmits it to expand coverage. Choose a signal booster that meets your needs and place it as close as possible to your router and user devices for optimal effect.

  • Change your WiFi channel: If your WiFi router and neighbors use the same frequency channel, it may cause interference and affect signal quality. Changing your WiFi channel can avoid such interference problems.

  • Use a network extender: A network extender is an independent device that transmits the network signal through electrical wiring. Use a cable to connect your router and network extender to achieve better network coverage throughout your home.

All of these methods can effectively help you extend your WiFi coverage. Choose the method that suits you best based on your actual situation so that you can enjoy wireless internet without interruption.

Here are several of the latest routers released by WAVLINK:

  1. WAVLINK AC3000 Tri-Band Smart Wireless Router (WL-WN533A8): This router has three WiFi signal bands and supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual frequency bands. It provides faster data rates and more stable connections, and supports MU-MIMO technology, making it suitable for multiple devices to connect simultaneously.

  2. WAVLINK AX3000 WiFi 6 Fiber Cable Router (WL-WN536AX3): Using the latest WiFi 6 technology, this router provides faster wireless speeds and greater coverage. Equipped with six high-gain antennas, it can achieve wireless coverage over longer distances and supports multi-user multi-input multi-output (MU-MIMO) technology.

  3. WAVLINK AC2100 (WL-WN531A6) Standard/Mesh Edition: The AC2100 provides faster peak speeds and is suitable for high-load households and small offices. The Mesh Edition can extend the network coverage range through multiple nodes.

  4. WAVLINK AC1200 (WL-WN531G3) Dual-Band Wireless Router: With four external antennas, this router has a wider coverage range and stronger signal penetration capabilities. It supports dual frequency bands, with a speed of 300Mbps for 2.4GHz and 867Mbps for 5GHz.

These routers have high performance, easy installation and management, and can meet the needs of different users and practical application environments. If you are looking for a reliable wireless networking solution, consider using the WAVLINK brand of routers.

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